Navigate through a session

Every session has a structure based on three sections: information, navigation and content.

  • Module reference: Reference numbers consist of three letters and three numbers
  • Session title: The name for the session, which is unique within the module
  • Page progress: This feature informs of the total amount of pages that exist within the current session and also the page you are in.
  • Page title: They are usually at the top of the page
  • Page subtitle: They may or may not exist in the page, but some pages may have more than one subtitle
  • Page icon: This is a reminder of the page you are in and also relates to the content
  • Illustration: A page may have one or more illustrations to help you understand the subject
  • Body text: This referes to the main part of the text, the content itself
  • Captions: Image captions or text captions will normally appear when you click on an image or text, to clarify the content of an image or further explain a concept.

Navigation in detail